The Keland House by Frank Llyod Wright

Client: Chris & Tony Veranth

Real Estate Photography Racine WI

When I was approached about this property I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard I might have the opportunity to shoot a Frank Lloyd Wright house, especially one that has never been listed/seen before now.
Months later I got the call to book the shoot, and I immediately blocked off my whole day. Because I knew I was going to spend the time and give this property everything I had.
When I first arrived at the house I spent an hour planning shots and was in awe of the architecture I was surrounded by! The more time I spent in this house the more I fell in love with it. I spent the next 6 hours shooting over 300 photos which got narrowed down to 140 final edited pictures, as well as over 2 hours of video that has so far been made into 2 separate videos!

Video Tour

Real Estate Videography Racine WI

Here is one of the videos we made for this real estate listing. This type of video is what we call a Real Estate Trailer, its essentially a hype video to tease the property to get more people to walk through the property!

Project Photos